VCC Twente Peugeot 205 Collection

A history that started as early as in 1965, during the time that our fathers were employed at the local Peugeot concessionaire. Although it was not planned, it layed down the foundation of what VCC Twente is today, a group of colleagues and friends who have a warm heart for Peugeot. Since we, the next generation of enthiousiasts are getting older as well, we try to pass our heritage to the next generation and hope they enjoy the brand as much as we do.

Team VCC Twente, has restored various versions of Peugeot automobiles in general as hobby projects, nowadays with the emphasis on the 205. These projects have resulted in a collection of Peugeot automobiles. In addition to the automobiles, we also have a modest collection of two-wheelers, coffee grinders, tools, toasters and much more that Peugeot has made in its 200-year history. The objective of the collection: the collection, preservation, exhibition and education of classic cars of the Peugeot brand. Would you like to know more about the history of this beautiful brand? Please contact us. 

Peugeot 205 Collection Saasveld (click on link)

Hope to see you at VCC Twente!


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